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CupCake Camp


is all ready in the works...

so put AWaY those sugar blues!

get ready to RoCK your


look who is joining us...


2011 CUPCAKE CAMP SANTA BARBARA..........OUR Sweet day in pictures!

Thanks to ALL...

Baker's - Attendee's - NCL of SB - Helper's - Judges

for making

CUPCAKE CAMP Santa Barbara the BEST!


raised $12,000

(thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all the support)



had 75 people sign up for the bone marrow registry

for sweet little 2yr old LEXI!

We should be a very PROUD community  

*Cupcake Camp Featured Youth Baker*

 Charming 12 yr old HOPE - is baking her way thru 100 cupcake recipes AND

blogging about each! Catch her exciting cupcake blog

We have fallen in love with her wit & energy - we think you will too!  


*Professional Best Tasting*

   Toasted Coconut -Lickity Split

*Professional Unique Ingredient*

 Pear & Goat Cheese - DesignCakes and Cupcakes

*Professional Best SB Themed*

 Design Cupcakes and Cakes

*Amateur Best Tasting*

Banana Cheesecake

Richard Johnson

*Amateur Unique Ingredient*

Choco Cake w/ Habanaro & creme cheese frosting

Loni Kfoury

*Amateur Best SB Themed*

Giraffe art

we want your name :)

*Youth Best Tasting *

"Sweet Treats"

white cake w/butter cream frosting-toasted coconut nests

w/cookies & cream malt balls as birdie eggs

Maddie Walker 10yrs

*Youth Best Sb Themed*

 Kayla Simons & Courtney Miller 14yrs

Some of the FUN Creative displays at Cupcake Camp 2011


2nd ANNUAL   

Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara

Cupcake lovers & baker's join us!


WHEN: Sunday, July 24 2011 1- 4 pm

WHERE: Fess Parker Resort Santa Barbara

WHY: Because who doesn't love CUPCAKES!     

$10 entry fee -4 cupcake tastings, milk & coffee

** FREE PARKING this year!

TICKETS for entry CAN Be PURCHASED AT THE DOOR! $10 each under 3yr free.

        You may or may not be familiar with this new CRAZY cupcake fad that is springing up all over the country... designed like an adult Wine Tasting only with delicious Cupcakes!

The concept for Cupcake Camp originated in San Francisco & promotes a true spirit of community and sharing. Cupcake Camps now happen around the world and come in a wide variety of flavors and sizes.

The most essential feature of a Cupcake Camp is that it brings together people to share their love of cupcakes! Cupcake Camps have been hosted in cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Paris, London and Montreal! and....

Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara is back!! ... right here in our beautiful beach city!


      CUPCAKE CAMP SB with crazy props just for YOUR FUN!


The 2nd Annual Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara is being presented by Cupcakes for Cancer, a non-profit created by then 13 yr old Blakely Colvin. The event promises to be a delicious celebration of this small coveted treat-the CUPCAKE!

Blake Colvin -2nd left-

founder of Cupcakes for Cancer


Once upon a time a little girl named Amy put together fashion shows (for her dolls) atop the green shag carpeting of her room, lining up the toys and photographing them against the backdrop of a fabric covered cardboard box. 

Fast forward 25 years later, and this same girl's dream has come true with the founding of Frosting Photography, a fun and frolicking creative venture born to capture life's most poignant moments with a touch of nostalgic whimsy.

Weddings and Babies, Parties and Pin-Up girls, it is our passion and our mission to show you in your best light. Please contact us at or like us on facebook!

*see below for photo's & info on Cupcake Camp 2010


Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara 2010


Thanks to the the amazing turn out at

Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara 2010

we, as a wonderful community, raised $10,200!!

Talk about the FROSTING on the cupCAKE!


2010 Event Photographer -Lauren Henno

* info below

Check out article in local paper...



celebration of the small coveted treat -the Cupcake, but also a delicious way to raise funds for a great cause! Bakers, both professional and amateur, were on hand to show off their sweet cakes, enticing a record amount of cupcake camp attendees & raising a cupcake camp world record of $10,200.Cupcake Camps happen around the world in cities like New York, Seattle,Boston, Paris, San Francisco and even Adelaide, Australia! Bombay, Buenos Aires, Dublin, London, Washington D.C., and Los Angelesare just a few cities planning to host cupcake camp’s this fall. Montreal, Canada was home to a cupcake camp November 2009 and boasts the record high of raising $8,000! But, it looks like Santa Barbara “takes the (cup)CAKE” in the world wide cupcake craze, with more than 900 attendee’s and $10,200 raised. Cupcakes for Cancer, a non-profit created three years ago by 16-year-old Blakely Colvin, would like to personally thank the community for believing in her cupcake dreams to help children with cancer here on the central coast. With the help of community, Blake and her cupcake crew have been able to grant 6 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Tri-counties, donate a $1,000 high school scholarship and raise an amazing $55,000 all with cupcakes. Blake’s goal is to raise at least $100,000 by the time she graduates high school in 2012. Since the inception of Cupcakes for Cancer, Blakely Colvin has received the 2008 Spirit Award from Santa Barbara Board of Education, the 2009 Chris Greisius Society of Joy Award from the Make-a-Wish Foundation of America, the 2010 Soroptimist of Santa Barbara, Violet Richardson Award, at both the local & regional levels, was honored with the Ally Katzz 2010 Philanthropic Award at UCLA, has expanded her national outreach FROSTING HOPE ACROSS AMERICA, inspiring others to

bake and donate too and she was selected to represent Santa Ynez Valley Union High School at the RYLA and HOBY Leadership Camps Spring 2010. Funds from Cupcake Camp Santa

Barbara 2010 will benefit The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation of SB. The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara, created by Nikki Katzz, ensues that children with cancer

receive the undivided comfort of their parents during treatment and recovery by providing families with financial and emotional support. Cupcake Camp SB was all about sharing and

celebrating cupcakes, community and creativity. Charity never tasted sweeter!

Look for Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara 2011 next summer.

For more info, photos, to donate or to order cupcakes or call 805.448-7336. 

Cupcake crew left to right

Emily Petersen, Sam Tevis, Blake Colvin, Beth McGowan, Kristin Henno,

Charolette Will, Kylie Petersen, Courtney Malafonte, Bailee Frausto.

All material copyright © 2010 Santa Ynez Valley Journal

For information on a Cupcake Camp in your area: www.cupcakecampworldwidedirectory

We are also very proud that CupcakeCamp

SB event made the FRONT page of Santa Barbara News Press the day after the event-MondayJul26th!




Lauren Henno is a current student and Business- Marketing major at the University of San Diego. Her photography skills were learned throughout her high school career at Brooks Institute of Photography. Last fall, Lauren attended Florence University of the Arts in Florence Italy, where she studied photojournalism. Lauren will graduate spring 2011, and will pursue her photography as a full time career.

[email protected]




INDEPENDENT Santa Barbara 2010

Compact yet fluffy. Decadent but dainty.Self-contained and yet utterly, maddeningly un-portable. I think it's cupcakes' inherent contradictions that make them so irresisti-licious. For years now, chic towns across the nation have been worshipping cupcakes; Santa Barbara alone claims several gourmet boutiques devoted to the frosted confections.

And I whole-mouthedly approve. If you ignore the fact thatthey're pricey and fattening and let's do cupcakes are the perfect food. "Miniature" equals "adorable" and cake is no different. I like the integrity of a cupcake, each an original and self-contained work of art rather than a crumby

fragment of a larger whole, a sloppy slab o' Bundt, if you will.

I appreciate that cupcakes whether petite or the size of my head have a guess-free serving size, and that their frosting-to-cake ratio is considerably higher, and thus more mathematically yumptious, than regular cake.

I like their symmetry and the bling you often find on top: jelly bean, coffee bean, sugared berry. I relish that they're fork-resistant and, being too tall for a mouth and too precarious to turn sideways, leave frosting on your chin and nostrils, making you look and feel like you're fouryears old.

I actually find cupcakes inexplicably sexy, but I don't wishto explore the reasons further in print, so let's just agree that I love the things.

Santa Ynez teen Blake Colvin loves them, too. She draws them. She wears cupcake-emblazoned pajamas. She has a pet poodle named Cupcake.

"They're so cute!" says Colvin, 16, of her favorite baked good. "You have the little wrappers, and you can make them any color."

But while the very word "cupcake" has become synonymous with insignificant fluff, Colvin has found a way to turn the diminutive dessert into a weighty wad of cash which she has then heaved at some seriously substantive problems.

As a young girl, Colvin endured chemotherapy for an autoimmune disorder. When a boy at her school was later diagnosed with leukemia, she wanted to help. So she baked and sold cupcakes at school, ultimately raising $5,000 for his medical expenses.

Riding the sweet sugar high, she founded her own nonprofit, Cupcakes for Cancer, to keep raising money for families coping with the disease.

She and her mother, Stephanie, a self-described "cupcake slave," have baked and frosted more than 4,000 cupcakes to date (their record is more than 300 in one day) and raised $45,000 for pediatric cancer research and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Here's how this all affects you and your lips: On Sunday, July 25, the Colvins will host a sort of baking-binge-and-frosting-fest for cupcake lovers throughout the Central Coast. Cupcake Camp takes place at Fess Parker's DoubleTree Resort, where amateur, professional, and youth bakers will offer samples of their treats for a single $10


"It's like a wine-tasting," says Stephanie, "but instead,

it's all cupcakes with a variety of flavors."

The Colvins took their cue from a spate of other cupcake camps taking place around the world, from Boise to Belfast. The last one, in Paris last week, featured exotic Banana Peanut Butter cupcakes, as well as Pistachio Rose, Rum-Cofffee-Coconut, and (okay, even I'm not down with this one) Watermelon Wasabi.

The Santa Barbara event will benefit the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and feature baking contests, a cake auction, a frosting bar, and a Betsey Johnson fashion show, plus a retail area for cupcakey merchandise. Whole Foods will provide free organic milk for all attendees.

Fatgirl Baking Company

Lickety - Split